Friday, September 21, 2007

Saat-saat terakhir bersama Dr.Berhan


ibrahim is leaving too.
good bye, ibrahim. don't forget us so soon...

[from now on, i'm gonna write my entries in english as much as i can. have to. my english needs to be fix. pronto]

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Zombie Kg. Pisang

Awas, jika anda seorang penakut, jgn lihat gambar di bawah.

seram, sadis, mengerikan......mungkin anda tidak boleh tidur malam selepas ini!

oh ye, utk kanak-kanak bawah 25 tahun, sila dapatkan kebenaran ibu-bapa anda terlebih dahulu. sekian harap maklum.

Monday, September 17, 2007


have you ever been in a situation that you can feel something is going to happen?

on the evening on the last day of the conference, there's a few guy sat behind us during the forum. i wasn't happy because i felt like i had to be in my best behaviour or 'control ayu', like some of you might have said. it's kinda hard to do so when i felt so bored and sleepy. then, one (or two) of the guy started to call Isti. turns out that they knew each other from team-building.

from that moment on, i felt very2 uneasy, like there was this weird vibe coming from behind. i felt like i'm being watched. it was a strange, strange feeling. call it a gut, instinct or intuition, i knew something was going to happen. i wasn't sure of course. usually when i got this feeling, i just shrugged it away.

and then, one of the guy sent a msg to isti. he asked isti whether she knew me well. and the rest of the story, macam biasa la.. gave him my phone number. not so much because i wanted to. more like i had to. i couldn't say NO to his face, could i?

i'm a shy person [seriously, I AM]. i don't embrace this kind of experience. i don't like to think that a guy wants to know me simply because how i look [not that i look great anyway]. i want him to be interested in ME, inside out. that way, i can be stupid, ugly, clumsy and still be desirable. i'm not asking for the impossible, am i?

ntah ape yg aku mengarutkan malam2 ini. kesimpulannye, love is love. kadang2 it just happen. just like that. rahul kata : love is friendship. i guess it is...

biasanya aku jadi pendiam bila berhadapan dgn org yg aku suka. emm, agaknya org tu boleh detect tak ape yg aku rasa?

[video di bawah merupakan bukti bahawa Yuzrin mati TERGELINCIR, bukannya DITEMBAK]

[i'm officially heartbroken and it's suck. damn, i wish i never had that feeling in the first place. but i'm gonna be ok. i know i will. it's no big deal. it was just a crush. i'm gonna be just fine]