Monday, March 3, 2008

One In A Million Season 2 Grand Finale

One In A Million season 2 has finally ended. in one-on-one battle between Ayu and former child star-Shila, Ayu emerges as a winner and walks home a million ringgit richer. with her winning, ayu proves that a-non beauty can also win a popularity contest. but is there any guarantee that she'll continue to shine? i mean, suki won the first season. but where is she now? probably nowhere. other than being rich, she has faded in the limelight...

so, the grand finale started with sarah being voted out. sorry gal, no suprise this time. i was happy with that (fans of sarah, don't hate me). she's already an establish singer. she can sing, she has a great voice but i just don't like her. she tends to oversang and she has this trying-to-be-cute attitude/style that makes me wanna puke. having said that, she did have some great moments in the competition. it just that by being a singer, people (like me) seems to judge her in a different level than the other contestants. it's way tougher for her than anyone in the competition. yup, even tougher than not-so-popular-then, shila.

the two contestants left had to sing 3 song each. judges's pick,own's pick and one brand new song. i must say that none of the performances impressed me. even the 2 new songs, 'hanya di mercu' and 'memori....? '(cannot remember the title) are not up-to-par compared to the 3 new songs in the first season. i love it when shila sang 'contigo en la distancia' in the semi but she fails to deliver the song as good as, if not better in the final. the other 2 songs were just ok. nothing phenomenal ..

as for ayu, she's lucky she has a great voice, which is what i love about her. i didn't get the honesty thing as said by paul (again and again) though. for me if you sang well, you sang well. she did fairly well in the finale. again, nothing phenomenal. she simply won because she's better than shila (in the finale and in the competition). but i seriously think she needs a make-over. maybe that 1 million can buy her a whole new image. no offence, but we all know that 'marketibility' is important in the music industry. it is easier to sell a pretty face than a talent. even a great singer like Adibah Nor had to struggle to stay in the industry.

oh, i like the duet between shila and ayu 'aku bukan untukmu'. not so much of their singing. i just love the song...hehe. btw, all through the competition, i didn't vote at all (and i still wonder how Abs gets into the top 4. what a joke!)

congratulation to ayu. 1 million man.....(pssst, are you sure we are not related?)

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