Friday, May 23, 2008

David Vs David. the result?

u'll probably knew the result by now. david cooks wins American Idol 7 (beats archuleta) by a margin of 12 million votes. 12 MILLION VOTES?? that much different? oh, yeah....his rocker's persona had spreaded all over america, like a plague, causing them to votes him involuntary. million times over.

i wished there's such a plague. only then i can explain the unexplainable.

was i upset?
a little. yes...

was i pissed?
no. not really.....

first thing first, i realized that i can't compare a ballad and a rock singer. they're both good at their own element. it's like comparing the taste of salt and sugar. they're just so different.

anyway, the night show was the best american idol finale i've ever watched. David A was simply amazing. David C was not bad himself. i really2 want to say something bad about him, half-wishing that he'll forget the lyrics or trip on the stage but he did nothing of that sort. he was kinda great actually. but i still root for my darling Archue...

i act knew the result beforehand. i heard it on the radio the same morning. the show that i watched was the 'siaran tertunda' (what's that in english?) on 8tv.

i was looking for an answer. i want to know why David A didn't win. i want to make sure that my hearing is still in a perfect condition. i was still at lost even after the show ended. all the judges (Simon especially) seems to favour him. the crowd were cheering like crazy after his every performances. and i personally think that he's outperformed David C that night. or was i wrong? was simon wrong? why oh why....

no. i seems to forget something. all that matter was the votes. who got the most votes will win, judges favourite or not. who gets the loudest cheer did not matter. who gets my cheer did not matter. obviously.

but to be honest, as i watched David C singing the winning song 'time of my life', it finally dawned on me that i honestly didn't care who wins. i blamed it on the rocker's charm [damn rocker's charm =P]. well ok. that's not entirely true. let me tell you why i felt that way:

  1. both davids hv crazy vocals.
  2. both davids are great.
  3. both david had done their best throughout the competition.

who am i to complain? i didn't even vote. i would be very pissed though, if David C did badly in the finale and win. fortunately he didn't. his performances justified his winning. if it's up to me i would have chosen two winners. why not? it's REALITY TV after all....

for the record, this was the best line-up of the top 12 finalist ever. it's a diversity of talents and great vocals and (AND) good looks. it'll always help if you got 'the look'. heck, if u have the look, u'll survive even without talent. but these guys?? they sure have talents to match with their looks.

a little info:

  1. both David have never been named in the bottom 2 or 3 in the voting results
  2. In 2003, at age 12, David A ended up as the Junior Vocal Champion on Star Search 2.
  3. Archuleta received 44 percent of the votes and 12 million fewer votes than season winner (total 97 million votes)
  4. this season, the contestants were allowed to play musical instrument.

david and david duet - 'hero'

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p/s: arghh, i'm not immune to david cook either. hate myself for it!