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Review: Forbidden Love a.k.a The Legend of The Nine Tailed Fox (KDrama)

love, hatred, envy, friendship, war, death, sacrifice, acceptance, lost.

this is the story about rectangular love, this is a story about a conflict between two races. this is the Forbidden Love: Tale of the Nine-Tailed Fox.

Synopsis (taken from DramaWiki)

Shi Yeon is a Nine-Tailed Fox living undercover in the human world. By day, Shi Yeon is an employee at a natural history museum. By night, she's a top-ranking woman warrior in the Nine-Tailed Fox clan, charged with preserving the delicate balance between man and fox. But her world is sent spinning when an atrocious serial murder - where the victims have had their internal organs gouged out - is uncovered. Detective Min Woo believes the murders may relate to the organ trafficking trade, and goes undercover in a seedy organ smuggling ring. But Min Woo's cover is blown, and it's only through the intervention Nine-Tailed Fox warrior Mu Young and Shi Yeon that he's able to survive! But he's seen their true identities as Nine-Tailed Foxes…can he be allowed to live?
Genre: Horror, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast period: 2004-Jul-19 to 2004-Sep-07 (it's an old story. i know)


Hae-In and Hyon-Soo are childhood sweetheart who lives in the same neighborhood. coincidentally they both share the same birth date. during their 12th birthday celebration, a group of assassin suddenly attacked causing death to all except Hae-In And Hyun-Soo. Hae-In was taken in by her savior, given a new identity and was raised to be a warrior. Hyun-soo, who miraculously survive a fatal wound, was also given a new identity by his savior, Director Jang along with his sister who lost her memory due to shock.

though believing each other to be dead, Hae-In and Hyun-Soo still kept their affection for each other by keeping a locket they've exchanged on their birthday.


the fox's race was said to be the original master of the world before man annihilated them. in present world where their existence was hidden from the human, some of them even became well-known figure in the society.

in order to survive, the fox had to feed on human liver every lunar moon. they, however, was strictly under the elder's council law to only consume dead human liver. the warriors of five exist to eliminate those who's disobeyed the law. a rebel faction who's against the elder's council however continue to kill human for the liver. with the number of death rising, the cops begin to take action. in one of the undercover investigation which the cop believed to be related to organ trafficking, Kang Min-Woo came across the warrior. he, who should have been killed however survived thanks to shi-yeon hesitation.

Kang Min-Woo was then recruited into SICS, lead by Director Jang, the one who saved him. SICS was a unit dedicated to destroying the fox. Director Jang's sister was killed by his brother-in-law, K, the face behind the rebel faction 20 years ago. the other members has either witness the fox's killing or lost their beloved one.

later, Kang Min-Woo was given a red moon sword, said to be the only weapon capable of fighting the fox. the legend said the weapon can only be wielded by the one who received the 1000-years-old fox love. loved by Shi-Yeon, Min-Woo proved to be the rightful owner and by so was able the fight the warrior.

the legend also said that the 1000-years-old fox will die in the hand of the sword wielder. if the legend's true, when the time come, will Min-Woo be able to kill the one he loves?


Kang Min-woo : the present Hyun-Soo. he became a cop to find the killer of his parent & Hae-In. by chance, he met Yoon Shi-yeon at the museum while investigating about the claw marks on the victim. he fell in love with her not soon after, somehow feeling like he'd known her forever. he was recruited into SICS (Special Intelligent Corps) after discovering the existing of the fox race.

he always wore the locket Hae-in gave him. upon discovering Shi-Yeon identity as a warrior and later as Hae-In, he accepted her for who she was. he later was conflicted between his hatred for the fox, his duty as a human and his love for Shi-Yeon.

Yoon Shi-yeon
: The present Hae-In. her father used to be friend with chief elder Shin. however, after discovering a secret, he took Hae-In away and live among human for ten years before he got killed.

she's supposed to kill Kang Min-woo but failed to do so after seeing the locket he wore. she fell in love with him even before confirming his identity as Hyun-Soo. even after she discovered the truth, she continues to keep her identity hidden, knowing that they could never go back to the way they used to.

she didn't take pride of her job as a warrior as she dislike killing, both the human and her own race. her love for Ming-Woo mostly gets in the way of her mission, causing problems to the other warrior. it's later revealed that she's the 1000-years-old fox, who must be sacrificed in order to lift the curse of the fox race. Chief Elder Shin however has other plan for her which does not include any saving whatsoever.

: the son of Chief Elder Shin, also the Chief Elder successor. initially he refused to be a warrior even after harsh punishment. eventually he took the path so he can protect Shi-yeon. he's a righteous person who sometimes have disagreement with Chief Elder Shin's dictatorship ruling. as a warrior, he rarely fight unless he needed to.

though his love towards Shi-yeon was not reciprocate, his feeling remains steadfast.

he plays cello.

: one of the warrior, an event planner by day. she has the ability to transform and her weapon is a sword. she's in love with Moo-young but just like Moo-young her love is not reciprocate. she's ruthless, willing to use any means possible to get Moo-young, even resort to hurting Shi-yeon at times.

unknown to others, she's the sole heir of the rebel faction, who's family was killed by Chief Elder Shin. K was her underling.

: a warrior who's the closest to Chae. he likes Chae but was content being a friend, or a brother to her. he's also supportive of Chae feeling toward Moo-young. he's a fun and kind character. later in the series he befriended Ming-Woo sister, Min-joo.

: a lawyer by day and a warrior by night. he's the chief elder right-hand and was entrusted by her to protect Shi-yeon. he came from a bloodline that is loyal to the elder chief, therefore at times he's torn between his loyalty to the chief elder and his friendship with Moo-young.


Kim Tae Hee as Yoon Shi-yeon. you might recognize her (pretty) face from Love Story in Harvard & Stairway to Heaven.

Jo Hyun Jae as Inspector Kang Min-woo. He's a regular face in the television. currently his newest series, One Mom and Three Dads is aired at 8TV, 8.30 pm weekdays.

Jun Jin as Moo-young. this guy is a rapper of Shinhwa and also a soloist. if you happen to watch Let's Go To The Beach (which i did about 2,3 years ago), you'll recognize him as the elder brother, Jang Tae-hyun.

Uhm Tae Woong as Sa-joon. if you watched Delightful Girl Choon Hyang then you recognize him. apparently he's more famous in Resurrection/Rebirth.

Han Ye Seul as Chae-yi. i'm not familiar with her but she kicked-ass here. brilliant! [update: I'd actually watched her in Couple or Trouble but i can't seem to remember her. probably because i'd only watched a few episode of that series when it's aired on 8TV. she won 2006 MBC Drama Awards - Excellence Award for this drama. see, i told you she's good...]

Park Joon Seok as Rang. he played a minor role in Let's Go To The Beach. i didn't remember him though.

the plot was built slowly considering it's 16 episode long. when answers were given, other question arises. the ending was pretty abrupt though, somehow making me a bit unsatisfied. I'd wish for a different ending, a closure. having said that, i don't think there's a better ending for a tragic love story. it's bound to make you sad any other way. if you'd watched Memories In Bali you'll understand...

this came highly recommended from me. it's unlike any other KDrama i've ever watched. it's lacking in humor but everywhere else it's perfect. expect plenty of fight and tears. love the stylish black suit, love the fighting scenes, love Jo Hyun Jae. haha, enough said!

Rating: 4.5/5

Monday, January 19, 2009

AJL 23

dan pemenangnya adalah:

Persembahan Terbaik : Faizal Tahir - Sampai Syurga

Vokal Terbaik : Faizal Tahir - Sampai Syurga
Etnik Kreatif : Farawaheeda - ??
Balada : Faizal Tahir - Sampai Syurga
Pop Rock: Meet Uncle Hussin - Laguku Untukmu

Juara Lagu : Meet Uncle Hussin - Laguku Untukmu

anda puas hati dengan pemenang?

aku takde komplen kecuali pada juara etnik kreatif. aku rasa lagu itu amatlah pelik. lagu etnik kreatif kenapakah begitu pelik kedengarannya? kerana terlampau kreatif-kah?

ok taknak komplen taknak komplen. dah menang dah pon. lagipon kategori tu memang macam takde competition sangat.

memandangkan aku rasa lagu sampai syurga memang istimewa pertama kali aku dengar jadi aku rasa memang patut lah faizal tahir menang. sebab lagu itu istimewa? haha. maybe. lagipulak Faizal Tahir sangat cemerlang malam semalam. belum memang sudahpon kelihatan seperti pemenang. balas dendam untuk AJL 22 kot?

lagu Meet Uncle Hussein laguku untukmu juga bagus. aku suka sebab lagu tu berbeza. tapi agak terkejut jugaklah bila tetiba termenang pulak juara lagu. siap menjerit terkejut lagi aku kat rumah. betul betul aku hengat Faizal yang akan menang. salah si Ally la yang kata ini kemenangan yang dah dijangka. aish, tertipu akak.

tapi aku tak kisah pon either way. yang menang memang selayaknya menang.

persembahan lain yang aku suka ialah aizat & estranged. tapi yang paling aku suka ialah masa M.Nasir nyanyi lagu Andalusia. nostalgik sungguh. aku rasa dia patut menyanyi lagu sebegini lebih kerap. lebih cocok dengan vokal dia yang sebegitu.

tapi budak lelaki yang jadi jamal abdillah tu cute kan? gaya sebijik macam artis.

bila nampak jac aku asyik teringat kat video ni....

kah kah kah. terguling-guling aku gelak sama adik aku. tapi the show must go on. steady lah jac!

[lupa pulak nak cakap, yang terpaling aku suka sama AJL23 ialah dengan ketiadan farah fauzana. maaflah ye, aku sudah muak dengan cik fafau. rasa sangat gembira bila dia takde]