Friday, March 13, 2009

One In A Million (OIAM) - Top 9

It's official.

i can't & i won't deny it.



well, love him as a fan that is.

and please, it's not because he's cute. he's doing great in OIAM. especially this week. la la la keja, la la la kerja.....unlike some people, he's improving. and he's slowly shredding his Newboyz image. love to see more of him.

the intro reminded me of Newboyz for a second. but it picked from there & became very interesting & fun. tomok was a joy to watch & listen.

undilah kalau nak undi (or undilah jangan tak undi).
as for me, i'm saving my vote for the final. hehe.

"here is my confession, may i be your possession...,"
I TRY - MACY GRAY. esther sang this song quite nicely last week. it's one of my favourite. esther is one of my favourite. because she's different.

my choice for the top 3 (in no particular order):

amylea : love her voice. but sometimes she's irritating. her singing i mean.
tomok : need i say more?
esther : she's different therefore she's interesting.

pija's no longer in OIAM. it's a pity but given her crappy performances (sorry, but it's true), it's like she kicked her butt out of the competition herself. but to be fair, she's way better than anith, nine, simon, aweera and even rizu.

i mean....

anith probably has potential (not to mention she's pretty yo), but so far she's done nothing great.

nine. he's nothing special if you ask me. just attitude won't get you anywhere.

about simon, i don't know what to say. paul & syafinaz seems to like him. but i don't. can't quite put my finger on it.

aweera exceeded my expectation. i'm actually surprised that he actually has a nice voice. that is, when he's not screaming so loud. if only he can control his voice well, maybe he can go far. plus, he's quite good looking too now that his hair's no longer blond. not selekeh like the first time i saw him on tv.

rizu is a great singer, but he's such a bore. with a capital B.
[FYI, i've heard him sang live before. and he's great. there's no denying that. but he's not popular. why? one thing. because he's a bore]

pija can probably sings better than tomok. or amylea. or esther. somehow it felt like she fell apart in the competition. like she's given up halfway. like she knew she's going to lose.

better luck next time, pija. better luck next time.

and oh i forgot about fify, the one who's already entered 240 singing competition [and won some of it mind you]. OIAM's her 241. i like her too. kinda. just a little less than my choice of top three contestant. [do note that my top three choice is not really base on talent. simply put, they are the ones i like most so far]

p/s: do not sing siti nurhaliza's song on a competition. no one can sing siti nurhaliza's song as good as or better than siti herself. let alone trying to make it your own. you'll fail miserably. and i'm not saying this because i'm her fan.

betul ni!

minum cendol sambil mengharung lautan manusia di tengah matahari terik memang satu kenikmatan.

rugi tak beli dua cawan!

p/s: kenapelah gerai cendol kat pasar lambak tu letaknya hujung sekali. nak patah balik pun fikir banyak kali. tapi serius sedap. sebab tu la itu benda pertama yang aku cari. dan memang itu sebab utama aku pergi.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

menjawab tag Mizzy N

aku tau aku banyak hutang tag kat orang. aku mintak maaf banyak2 pasal bukan aku tak nak jawab. cuma idea + kerajinan + kesabaran tidak ada.

tunggu...... (kalau nak tunggu la). satu hari nanti aku akan cuba untuk menjawabnya.

untuk hari ni, aku nak jawab tag dari Mizzy N pasal senang. aku takde photo folder dalam komputer, so i'll just use my picasa web albums.

1. Go to your photo folder in your computer
2. Go to 6th folder of your photos
3. Go to the 6th picture in that folder
4. Put that picture on your blog and describe it
5. Invite six friends to join the challenge
6. Link them in your blog and let them know they have been challenged

left to right: Yuzrin, aku, Nash, Sham.

seperti tajuknya, gambar ini di ambil masa bulan puasa, last day kelas malam effective communication encik berhan tahun 2007. sebab aku teringin nak amik gambar kat dataran siswazah, UTHM waktu malam (thinking that it might be my last chance), aku ajak isti & beberapa orang classmate yang sudi untuk join sekali. afterward kitorang pegi join beberapa orang lagi classmet pergi 'menge-teh' kat parit bengkok.

**sila baca tentangnya di sini.

aksi tambahan malam itu (suka suki aku je nak tambah. hehe..)




seterusnya aku nak tag sesiapa yg berminat untuk menjawab tag ini. aku nak abaikan peraturan no 5 & 6 itu pasal leceh.