Saturday, March 21, 2009

One In A Million (OIAM) - Top 8

it was a boring night.

none of them really caught my attention. not even Tomok.

Esther surprised me, in a funny way. her rendition of Maroon Five - Won't go home without you was so weird. plus she danced. MY GOD ESTHER DANCED??

it was funny & weird. but in a good way. told ya, she's interesting because she's different. my opinion is, no matter how good a singer you are, if you can't grasp people attention then you cannot go far. so you have to be interesting to watch. have to be.

she deserves the immunity this week.

even more deserving than amylea you ask?

that i don't know. Jason Mraz - i'm yours sang by amylea was good. but if you want me to be honest, i don't really like it. it was too much of everything. i like it to be simpler, sweeter. jason mraz way.

but that's just me.

i was disappointed actually. just as anith started to improve, she was voted out. i mean, she was way more interesting last night than half of the other contestant. sadly it was her good-bye performance. oh well, i don't think that's the last we've seen her. untung-untung masuk mentor pulak. haha...

i think aweera cheated. literally. although the song he sang was originally sang by a woman, indonesian singer, it was Amy Search who make it popular. tak aci kan? but at least he didn't copy amy's style so much. i give him credits for that.

i didn't like tomok singing a slow song/ballad. it's not bad. it just that he reminded me so much of Newboyz. don't want dont want. fast song suit him better. probably.

i was reminded of someone when simon sang. when marion asked what song he would like to sing (or something like that) he said 'living on a prayer - bon jovi'. and then it hits me, he reminded me of jon bon jovi. he must have like Bon jovi very much for them to sound similar. to be rude (i'm always rude wth), he copied jon bon jovi style. think i'm right?

simon & rizu is my choice to be the next to go.

p/s: even esther think amylea and tomok are her biggest threat.


aku pun nak buat jugak. hehe...

1. Who were your seatmates?

- Form 1: fizah
- Form 2: fizah
- Form 3: fizah
- Form 4: fizah. and then aini.
- Form 5: aini.

2. Still remember your English teacher?

- Form 1: ?
- Form 2: ?
- Form 3: ?
- Form 4: ?
- Form 5: ?

tak ingat. seriously.

3. What was your class name?

-1 Omega
-2 Omega
-3 Omega
-4 Omega
-5 Omega

i was an Omegarian through & through. haha..

4. Made friends to the lower years?

- yup. mostly with my own dorm mates. tetiba teringat pada fir, si pokok kelapa. she's so tall & selalu tidur bawah katil, unconciusly. sebab katil tak muat kot? kelakar tau. haha. like her a lot. selalu lawan bergurau dengan dia. she's two years my junior kalau tak silap.

5. Had a boyfriend/girlfriend?
- ada kut. but cuma short-term relationship. cinta monyet la kut.

6. How was your table arrangement in class?
- always duduk tepi dinding. never in the middle. masa upper form duduk depan betul2 kat pintu. selalu jadi orang pertama dapat baca newspaper. haha..

7. Made any enemies?
- of course. i'm not an angel.

8. What games did you play?
- handball (in lower form), netball, volleyball (one time only, for a competition. i suck, really), softball (yang ni untuk suka-suka. it's the one i like the most)

9. Did you buy your lunch?
- depending on the lauk kt dewan makan. tapi jarang since lunch's expensive.

10. Were you a party animal?
- not at all. haha..

11. Were you well known in your school?
- no if you ask me.

12. Skip classes?

- masa upper form memang selalu. selalu lepak kat bilik sakit. i wonder how can i get away from all that.

13. Did you get suspended/expelled?

- no.

14. Can you sing the school song?

- i can. but i don't remember the lyric.

15. What was your favorite subject?

- english & science
- english

i always hate math. i think it's written all over my face. sebab tu selalu kena serang dengan cikgu math (read: cikgu gana ke guna? & Mr. Low). always asking me to solve the problem on the blackboard. sikit sikit sarizah. sikit sikit sarizah. dulu etong tak suka aku pasal dia kata aku gangster, suka lawan mr. low yg nampak fragile tu. dia tak fragile ok. he was very diplomatic. encouraging even. aku lulus cukup2 makan add math pun dia puji melambung. ingatkan dapat A. haha...

but i think they have changed me. just a bit. i'm thankful still...

16. What was your school’s full name?

- Sekolah Menengah Sains Muzaffar Syah, Melaka.

17. Did you go to the dances?

- what dances? berdansa sesuka hati adelah.

18. Where did you go most often during breaks?

- canteen or koop. i was addicted pada kerepek pisang yg jual kt koop tu, 50 sen sebungkus. klu boleh hari2 nak beli. pergi kantin mesti cari either keropok lekor yg panas2 tu or popiah basah. sedap!

19. If you could go back in time and do it all over, would you?

- i would. no doubt about it.

20. What do you remember most about 5th year?

- aini, etong & azhar. they're like my best companion ever on the 5th year. and then masa bukak gerai, kitorang sama2 jual aiskrim. it was so much fun. lagi satu masa jamuan kelas. masa kitorng buat bulatan and luahkan perasaan masing2 about each other, it was a fine feeling. rasa rapat sangat dengan classmate.

21. Worst memory in 5th year?

- masa jawab paper biology SPM. part tulang tu langsung tak boleh jawab. memang tak baca pun. haha...

Thursday, March 19, 2009