Tuesday, June 9, 2009


aku bukak link download anime sekali yang keluar link to porn (+ pictures) plak. to make matter worse, tetiba adik aku muncul.

dia ternampak!

damn. i feel like a pervert. malu syialll!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

latest news

i said i'm gonna take a long break. i lied.

well, literally.

been feeling down with Sitam's accident when i wrote that. so since she's getting, I'm also getting better. morally that is.

mom said he (my ex) is going to get married this weekend. last year, i almost burst into tears when she told me he was engaged. strangely enough, this time i didn't even flinch.

i thought i'm gonna be all sad when the moment came. but i thought wrong.

no tears. no mood swing. no anger. nothing whatsoever.

i've grown. i'm so proud of myself!


my mom. she likes to talk about marriage lately. MY marriage. i tried to divert her attention to my elder sister who clearly have to get married before i do. she at least got a boyfriend. but mom said in my case all i need to do is say yes and prince charming will come knocking on my door.

ok not prince charming. just ad*l.

i bukan tak suka dia ok. i just tak rasa nak settle in lagi.

lepas ni nak larilah everytime dia cakap pasal wedding-related-things. bahaya. kita mesti behati-hati & mengelak dari bahaya kan?