Monday, June 22, 2009

mimpi ngeri

aku mimpi nak dijodohkan lelaki tua (rasanya tak tua sangat. dalam hujung 30s) and duda plak tu tapi takde anak. memula aku setuju sebab ntahkenapentah. lepas tu aku fikir panjang2 and cakap dengan mak aku yang aku tak nak.

fuhh, nasib baik dalam mimpi pun aku boleh berfikir.

sampai sekarang ni bila aku teringat aku rasa seram sejuk.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

before J there's L

yeah i know my alphabet.

this is a story about my stupid crush a long time ago.

it was not love at first sight. back then, he's so famous i practically saw/heard him everyday. but it's not until 'that' time i realized i had a crush on him.

i didn't know why but when i saw him 'that' time suddenly i had this strange, uneasy feeling creeping inside me. you guess right, I've fallen for him that very instant.

which i thought was weird because i didn't care, at all, for him before that particular moment.

i was under a spell.

his spell.

he totally bewitched me.

and after that, every time i saw him i got excited. my heart just bursting with love. eventhough i knew i should not have feeling for him, that it's impossible, and that's (very) stupid of me, i still couldn't help it.

it's ok, i said to myself. we don't have to be together. just having him in my dream is enough. but deep in my heart i wish that i could someday, somehow, meet him and tell him how i feel.

ah, it gives me shiver when i remember how naive i was.

days passed. and then some month later i didn't even remember him.

my crush's over.

it was short but it was funny. when I'm older I'm still gonna remember it and and have a good laugh at myself. and maybe have my child & grandchild (if there's one) laugh at me too. i wouldn't mind.

that guy i'm telling you in this story is Lah Ahmad, the singer. god i know i'm crazy! i saw him in Muzik Muzik (when he's still together with VE) performing Pop Ye Ye. i thought he was very very verrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyy cool. he's the first malaysian artist i ever had a crush with.

that's the end of my story. about J, he's not an artist just so you know. haha...