Thursday, September 10, 2009

sometimes not knowing is good for you.

a friend said yang dia nak kawin. when i voiced my suprised he said,

"dulu aku nak ko,ko jual mahal..jadi,terpakselah aku cari org lain"

aku balas. aku kata mana aku tau ko nak kat aku. ko tak pernah cakap pon.

he said he did give me hints. unfortunately i never picked up.

well here i thought I'm good at reading body language, turns out I'm blind as a bat.

i mean, we hang-out, we joked around.

he joked about my weight, i told him he sounded nicer when he shut up.

stuff like that.

it was strictly friendship.

how the hell should i know what he felt?

but you know what, it was good that i didn't notice.

it would be too awkward.

and now that he's getting married, he can put all the past behind.

and tell me what i didn't know.

we laughed about it of course.

just as we laughed about everything.



mengenai 'hint'. kenapa tiada reaksi...

1) sebab tak pernah terfikir.
2) pernah terfikir tapi malas nak fikir panjang. tak berminat or hati dah berpunya.
3) pernah terfikir tapi mungkin takut salah jadi buat bodoh je. kang salah malu pulak. [cakap direct kan lagi senang]
4) you think he/she is just flirting around. kamu pun selalu flirt jugak. bukan serius pon.

sebab apa lagi?

untuk kali ini aku dalam kategori nombor (1). langsung tak terfikir, beb!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

just once, i'd like to see you in person

had a dream last night.

grinned from ear to ear when i woke up.

man, what a sweet, sweet dream that was.

in my dream, we're dating and you went to see my parent and i met yours.

and then i woke up.


p/s: used to like him back when he hosted one in a million. not so much these days.