Thursday, November 12, 2009

kau macam aku tak?

dulu, bila aku ber-(atau TER) mimpikan sorang kawan aku ni, he will end up calling me the next day. magic right? now i know you are going to say that it was just a coincidence. but it happened a few times. really. and we're not the type of person who correspond regularly. he would be MIA for months and HELLO, he showed up just when i dreamt of him.

it's not a fluke, guys. I'm telling you it's real.

mesti benda ni pernah terjadi kat kau. you have a sudden urge to call somebody and 5 minutes later THEY call you. GILA KAN? it's like your feeling reaches them. macam tau tau je. one time aku pernah nak call my mom. baru je pegang phone tetiba phone berbunyi. it was her. i was like, terkezut la kan. ibu ni macam boleh baca je fikiran aku.

moving on to my problem. i have a dream last night about a guy. and now suddenly i have this crazy impulse to contact him. which i shouldn't, or couldn't because it crazy as in 'it'll be embarrassing if you do it' crazy. or crazy as in 'why now? why him?


my dream was about him becoming my boyfriend. so help me god, because it felt so damn real.

p/s: my habit is that, if i like a guy, i would convince myself otherwise. like telling myself that he's too good for me. or not good enough. he deserve better. or I deserve better. or maybe stuff like he's cute but he's too thin. he's too young, too old or whatever-i-can-think-of. anything to get me to neutralize my feelings.

I'm guessing it's the after-effect of a bad break-up. or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. or whatever you call it. i feel that if I'm going to suffer another break-up, my heart wouldn't be able to take it.

now that's my answer if you ask me why i still don't have a boyfriend (despite being old and getting older. and fatter. if that even related. haha).

Monday, November 9, 2009

falling in love (with a song)

Maybe I, maybe I've made a mistake of loving you
But if I, but if I could fly to you. I would.
널 기다리는 하루하루, 마치 일년 같아
너를 향한 나의 맘은 너의 마음과 똑같아
때론 다른 여자 만나 널 불안하게 하지만
걱정마 나에겐 너 하나 뿐이니까
너에 곁에 없어 지금은 안아줄수 없지만
늘 달콤한 말로만 너의 귀에 속삭일께
사랑 가득 담긴 입맞춤을 그대에게 바칠께
나의 품에 너를 안고 항상 너를 지켜줄께
But if I, like butterflies, could fly away
Just you and I, then nothing would ever be the matter

Translation for the rap part:

Each day I wait for you, feels like an year
My feelings for you, they are just the same as yours
Sometimes I meet some other girl and make you nervous
But don't ever worry cause you are the only one for me
I can not hold you right now since I'm not by your side
But I'll always whisper the sweetest words in your ears
I'll give you kisses full of love
I'll hold you in my arms and always take care of you

composed by Sooyoon of Royal Pirates. he's the drummer btw. i know, shocking right?. i just found out that he has his own channel in YouTube, HERE. my oh my. you knocked my socks off.

Well, if you were to be my girl,
Um, I could wait for you in the rain
With no umbrellas in my hands
I could just wait
I don't care if this is not the right time
'Cause I can't hide how I feel inside anymore
I've been waiting for you
And with this moment you'll be mine
I'll get you with my

One hundred roses
I caught you out of one hundred million ladies
I don't wanna be like any other guys out there
I wish I was special to you
My love Be my baby
I'll never let you slip away

Then I'll wave my hand with a smile on my face
When I see you miles away from me blushing
Oh how cute
You look so much more beautiful than my

I've never thought that I could be
Ridiculously in love with you
I just cant get you out of my head
My love, be my baby
I'll never let you slip away