Sunday, December 19, 2010


how do you see me?

kadang-kadang aku malas nak bother cakap-cakap orang pasal aku. but sometimes i wonder, too.  because aku memang ada opinion about a lot of people (said and unsaid. depending on my mood but mostly i kept it to myself).

i mean, don't you?

A tu baik but sometimes she's too strict. and garang.

B always think he's better than anyone. well he's not.

C thinks he's being diplomatic. but i think he's weak.

D is the best friend everyone could ever hope for. 

E is pretty when she smiles. tapi selalu muka masam je, why?

F ni sombong. and suka duduk toilet lama-lama.

etc etc

and when you have this much 'opinion' , tidakkah orang lain ada 'opinion' semacam itu jugak terhadap kau?

apa yang aku buat sekarang ialah cuba untuk tidak bercakap perkara yang tidak baik pasal orang. cakap yang baik-baik saja sudahlah. sebab if you offended someone, you cannot marah-marah la when they offended you in return. karma is a bitch, man. that's what i keep telling myself bila je mulut aku gatal nak mengutuk orang. haha..

remember, cakap yang baik-baik sahaja...

p/s: someone said i was exclusive back in the days. meaning, aku cuma bergaul dengan orang-orang tertentu. in reality, it's not like that at all. I'm all awkward bila berdepan dengan orang yang aku tak kenal or rapat. i can barely talk. and that my friend, is the truth...