Friday, January 14, 2011

14 JANUARY 2011

14 JANUARY 2011

malas malas malas....memang sekarang aku agak malas nak meng-update blog. unless there's something yang really, really catches my attention, like my last two entry. i would prefer tweeting @ jghfjsgfjfg.....----=090-9t0908y0gvmgjhhdkhj. waittttt........ this is my cat blocking me from view. apparently he's hungry. yeah, my cat is 'subtle' like that.

ok can sambung now.

paling busuk pun sekarang aku akan update status on FB. but it's not the same as blogging, no? and i would prefer someone anonymous reading my heart content than someone i know. and that's why on FB i tend to steer away from personal matters. well.....if i can remember. haha...

just now, i was looking for my cat, the one who choked on something, but couldn't find him anywhere. sudah baikkah? semalam aku cuba jugak ni, but i couldn't see anything down his throat. aku mati akal jugak. taking him to the vet is not an option. sebab jauh and there's no one to take him. i'm gonna stay positive now. maybe he's well and resting somewhere warm, because it's raining.

(----------10 minute pause. searching for the cat once again-------------)

found him! how come he's locked in the store? anyway, he seems find to me. better than yesterday. but he still refuses to eat. he wants to eat, but he doesn't want to eat the food i gave him. maknanya aku kena bagi makan sedap-sedap la untuk dia baru dia nak makan. pernah sekali kucing aku sakit (not this one), she just laying around & refusing to eat. so i followed the advice on the net that i should give the cat eat the food that she likes. just so she eats. aku pun bagi la dia udang yg aku rebus & buang kulitnya terlebih dahulu. dia makanla jugak walaupun sikit. and i provided fresh water for her all the time. she gets better after a while. syukur....

just hoping it'll be the same for this cat.

nampaknya masa mencemburui aku. today's entry is about my cat. padahal originally aku nak cerita pasal hal lain. haha...whateverla...

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Things i like

- the song is so Rain. and i love Rain. MBLAQ was discovered by Rain so it wasn't a surprise.

- GO's voice. i like!! i used to like Joon so much that i don't really care about the other member. but GO is pretty amazing....(joon is still my favaourite though. thehe..)

- Thunder looking less like a girl.

Things i hate

- the more or less same backdrop. nothing new to see. except for the water/rain scene.

- but....I've seen the water scene on Glee when they sang Umbrella. so it gets kinda old..

- joon's outfit. the black-chocolate one. what's with the sleeve? hate it.

info : Joon is the one who played younger Rain (Raizo) in Ninja Assassin.


this one just scream LOVE!!!!