Friday, September 30, 2011

Last season...& how it ended

in anticipation of the new season of (loads of)  the TV series that I've been following, let's recap what happen in last season finale.

warning, contain spoiler!

Fringe, season 3 finale

Peter entered & activated the doomsday device & find himself 15 years in the future. though the parallel world destroyed, the other world continue to disintegrate.

in the end, after convincing the two sides to work together to try to repair the damage to save both universes, he suddenly disappears, forgotten, like he never existed.

The Mentalist, season 3 finale

O'Laughlin was Red John's mole (which mean his feelings for Van Pelt is a scam. say what?? they even planned to get married!). anyway, he was shoot to dead. and then Jane shot a man who claimed he's Red John. but was he really?

Nikita, season 1 finale

Alex shot Nikita - actually a hoax - Nikita's alive. Percy tried to take over the CIA - failed. Michael - trapped in division - sets fee by Birkhoff. Amanda removed Alex's tracker device.

will Amanda & Alex work together?

Supernatural, season 5 finale

Castiel removed the wall in Sam's head. Sam battled against himself in his head. will Sam recover?

Castiel, enriched with new power, claimed to be God. is that a bad thing, or good thing?

The Vampire Diaries, season 2 finale

Damon, is in his deathbed after being bitten by a Tyler (werewolf). in desperate attempt to save him, Stefan turned to Klaus, who gave him his blood (the cure, obviously) but not without a condition.

Damon's saved - Stefan left Mystic Falls with Klaus.

and oh, Jeremy can see dead people. specifically, Anna & Vicki.



i'd love to continue, but me, being a lazy ass, it'll probably took forever. so I'm gonna stop here. mind you, I've wrote this since last week and still cannot finish. all the series are on the 2nd episode already.

by the way, I've watched Revenge and i must say i loved it. can't wait for the next episode.  

(pssstt...for a moment there, i've fell in love with Jack Porter ! haha...)

i've also watched The Secret Circle and i think it's promising (magic is always amusing). and John Connor (haha. it's Thomas Dekker actually), is still a cutie. like!

as for the anime, Natsume Yuujincho's 3rd season, Natsume Yūjin-chō San, ended beautifully. the warmness just filled my heart. i even cried! i heard that there's gonna be a fourth season (yaay!!) so i'm really looking forward to it.

ok let's end this. tata everyone!

random #5 : muka tak cukup tido memang macam ni la

"tok, saya datang ni nak menuntut ilmu kebal...."

4th august 2011
6.06 a.m

**2 drafted entries on hand. waiting for inspiration (^_-)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

my internet experience

i've been using the internet for:

i) e-mailing friend
- Hotmail was the first. now I'm loyal with YahooMail (got three). Gmail i have, but never really use.

ii) education purpose
- copy paste was the secret to high mark. haha..

iii) MIRC
- been an addict about a year and then completely stop. don't even remember how to use it anymore.but it's where i met some amazing friends so I've really fond memories.

iv) downloading songs
 - dial-up was such a pain. horrible, horrible experience. never again....

- just to connect with old friend. what's my password again?

- i've lost everything stored there. including my first blog. friendster suck!

- my second blog  ^_^

ix) downloading anime
- after switching to broadband. but not until years on dial-up suffering

x) downloading movies
- used to be via torrents. but then switched to direct download

xx) watching youtube

xxx) downloading TV series. lots & lots of them.

xl) - aren't we all? what's with the new layout?

ok. pretty much in that particular order.

thank god I'm not much of a gamer or else I'll be stucked to the internet 24/7.

just to share, this is the link to my usual donwload sites:

they pretty much got everything i need. from animes, movies, k-drama, j-drama, tv series (including Malay ones). the last link is where i download my Skip Beat manga.

anyway, if you have other recommendable site, do share.

now excuse me, i got Transformers:Dark Of The Moon waiting..