Friday, October 7, 2011

in full bloom

6th October 2011,  9.37 pm.
7th October 2011,  3.44 am.

7th October 2011,  7.01 am.

7th October 2011,  7.04 pm.



Tuesday, October 4, 2011


too cute...

kisahnya : mak dengan ayah bergaduh pasal afiq (who
did something wrong at school. but nothing too serious)

you know the rest of the story.

 this is the kind of thing that makes me
wanna have children on my own ;P

ada sekali, i had a fight with mom (i was six, maybe),
and i wrote this letter about how nice it is to be
my neighbor's daughter (mom's friend). in a hurry, i left the
letter in a shoe. but my Along boleh terjumpa pulak
surat tu & she kept making fun of me, and my
mom pulak boleh tak layan aku hari tu.
urghh menyesal beb, menyesal....

anyway, mak Afiq is now 7-weeks pregnant.
she said dia tak kisah dengan jantina of the baby.
but i hope she'll get a daughter because she
already had 3 sons. i mean, don't you wanna know
if she'll look like you?