Saturday, January 14, 2012

Human (read : MY) behavior

is it normal to suddenly hate someone without any particular reason?

what is it with me? ada masalah mental-kah?

seingat aku, kali terakhir aku berperangai macam ni, a colleague tetiba jadi mangsa kemarahan aku. the thing is, when i'm mad, i will not curse. instead, i cease all talking activities with the said person. imagine when being at the same place, me & the non-related person = berborak tak hengat, me & the said person = silent *bunyi cengkerik*. the environment is awkward i tell you. tapi aku serius tak boleh bercakap dengan dia. mana taknye, dengar suara dia je boleh buat aku darah!

i define myself as a mild-mannered person. aku takde suka-suka je cari gaduh dengar orang. in fact, i try to be as understanding/patient as i can be when dealing with a friend. but as it is, aku cuma manusia biasa. at times i blew my fuse. but fret not, this is a rare occassion. probably once-a-year-thingy.

well, maybe. don't ask me. i couldn't tell..

anyway, i figure it might has something to do with 'my-time-of-the-month'. again, MAYBE. but i'd feel better with that explanation. PMS huh...who knows....maybe i have it....

or maybe i don't  (^_^)

tapiiiii...lelaki, bila perempuan asyik marah ko, there's a possibility that it's not PMS, it's YOU! just saying...

back to the main topic, this time, i'm mad at the same person. haven't been talking to that person for 3-days. to be fair, dengan orang lain pun aku tak bercakap selama dua hari. harini mood aku dah baik sikit, but still, i couldn't force myself to talk with that person. it's gonna take a few more days agaknya.