Friday, May 4, 2012

dicakar Wolverine

not by this Wolverine

or this

not even this

and certainly not this


look at me, I'm innocent, she said.

the truth,


kesimpulannya, you don't mess with this cat. probably the
most  temperamental cat i've ever met. bila kita acah-acah
macam nak pukul, bukannya dia takut, she fights back instead.

and this is what happened when you don't know when to stop. 
*story of my life*

oh ya, this is Moren (short for Mama Oren).
Cantik is her daughter. maybe next time i'll show you the entire Moren family.
went to work one day, and saw them (Moren & Cantik + one other kitten) in a cage.
long story short, i took them home (a little bit of crying involved. soft-hearted i am)
sadly the other kitten terlepas. salahkan bangla tu!

didn't realized Moren was pregnant that time. i just assumed she's naturally fat. 
anak-anak baru Moren ada 4 ekor. 1 male, 3 female.
and all with different color (which i think is unique). 
they were born on 20/1/2012.
so sekarang dalam lingkungan 3 months++ la.
nakal, as all kittens do. but they make my life livelier.

isk kalau pasal kucing ni, there's a lot to tell. haha.
maybe next time!