Friday, February 12, 2016

Hello 2016!

Oh, hai!

Sedang layan-layan perasaan bosan ni, teringat pulak dekat blog yang dah berzaman ditinggalkan. Surprisingly, there were comments that i need to approve. Tak banyak pon. Dua pasal entry muka jawa tu, dua from a guy yang dapat internship kat flextronic and asked for my email. So sorry that i only get to read this months later so he's probably ended his internship or ended up having his internship somewhere else.

Satu lagi komen pasal budak perempuan gedik (ahahaha) & another one cuma spam comment.

What get me to finally write back here is the comment pasal muka jawa tu. Sebab komen tu dalam bulan februari,2016. Very recent. My post tu dah (plus minus) 7 years. I posted it back on 2009. Gosh, it's pretty scary to realize that people read & still can read whatever the me back then wrote.

Was i weird? Perasan? Kuat berangan? Poyo? Gedik?

Do you enjoy what i wrote? Can you relate?

And then the me now, do i care what people think about me? Am i even the same person?

Well anyway, to my fellow indonesian reader, i hope whoever stumble into the 'muka jawa' blogpost does not feel offended. I was a little bit sarcastic. Despite not liking to be told that 'muka aku muka jawa', i actually thought that Indonesian women are gorgeous ( i used to watch a lot of sinetron), as do Malays. We are equally pretty & equally ugly. Haha...

With that, i bid you goodbye. I wanted to keep on writing here, but it's no promise.

We'll see....

Bye bye!

Oh ya, about my cats, over the years, only one survive. But patah tumbuh hilang berganti. Satu datang, satu pergi. And the cycle continues...

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